Eagle Nest Eco Lodge is built on Gudbrandsdalens rich traditions for environmentally-friendly craftmanship and adventure – a floating hotel suite drawn and designed by the hosts themselves.


The inspiration for the standing structure has been taken from the cable car that was built at the start of the 1990s between the break in the mountains at Bårstad, and the train station at Sel. Wildly impressive engineering that still stands today – foundational to the lodge. Clairvoyant Marcello Haugen is also a big source of inspiration; he built his cabin “Sameti” on the top of Thokampen. Using only his muscles, Haugen transported materials and tools up to his cabin, 860 meters above the ocean. In our project we wish to combine old traditions and history with the new.


Eagle Nest is drawn and designed both outwardly and inwardly by us. Together with a creative group of builders, we developed a unique building perfect for nature, proposals, and a luxurious escape from reality, high above everyday life.