Eagle nest eco lodge cares for the nature, culture, and environment through the use of local fresh produce, materials, craftmanship and energy solutions.


We wish to show an accommodation for new generations, with the best comfort and energy efficiency, and a minimal environmental footprint.


For us, it has been important that the lodge is eco-friendly and as “self-sustained” as possible with all input factors. The shape has been inspired by local cultural history and with great consideration for the surrounding environment. The vegetation in the area is dominated by white moss and pine forest, and local Otta-slate is broken at Pillarguri a couple of kilometres from the Lodge. We have kept to these colours and materials in the building, for the Lodge to stand in harmony with the surrounding terrain. By building on local, architectural traditions in the choice of materials and cladding, the Eco Lodge has depth and character. The wood is taken from the forest, and the local slate from the mountain spine that the lodge reigns over. The decor playfully includes details from the rich craft tradition in Gudbrandsdalen in both design elements and interior. Respect for the existing vegetation is the foundational principle in this project in order to cause the least amount of damage. The structure mainly consists of wood, and all transport is carried out without permanent intervention or damage to the terrain.


By the use of local craftsmanship and local materials, transport and carbon footprint are reduced to a minimum. Our goal is to minimize the buildings environmental impact in all phases of the project, from design to construction to the use of materials that are recycled – with the least amount of impact on nature from start to finish.


The energy consumption in the lodge is minimized through conscious use of insulation, energy sources and construction.


Ecological viability and local value creation is achieved through collaborating with other tourism actors, local food producers and suppliers.


Eagle Nest Eco Lodge is built with respect for nature and the environment, local traditions, and the rich cultural heritage of Gudbrandsdalen – and a strong wish to continue these in a modern, environmentally friendly building with comfort and quality in all aspects.