Inspired by rich traditions – expressed in modern comfort


The interior in Eagle Nest Eco Lodge is built on rich crafts and cultural traditions from Gudbrandsdalen – seasoned with colours and materials from the mountains surrounding us.


A natural place to get inspiration for colour choices and materials in the lodge is the nature around the lodge. The vegetation consists of moss, heather, and magical pine forest, which combined with the glow of the local slatestone provides a great colour palette. Patterns steeped in tradition, craftmanship and textiles are gathered in selected details to honour and carry on the rich cultural heritage all people from Gudbrandsdalen, or “Gudbrandsdøler”, live in. In developing the new interior, local craftsmen were exclusively employed. In the lodge you will find a heavenly double bed with a built-in sliding bed. A built-in kitchen in local mountain pine and hot tub under the open sky. Hand carved slate from the mountain a short walk from the lodge. Old farm doors and wood-carved shelves have been given new life. A sunken hot tub under a starry night. Everything has been done with respect to the rich craft tradition and the expectations of guests in 2022.