Welcome to our heavenly kingdom!


We are Ingrid and Geir – newly engaged hosts at Eagle Nest Eco Lodge. Geir actually proposed in the lodge!

Eagle Nest Eco Lodge is our second child – conceived in the middle of a global pandemic and made possible due to incredibly skilled local helpers.

Ingrid grew up and lives on Øvre Tho in Otta – the farm that owns the pasture area where Eagle Nest Eco Lodge is built. Ingrid’s first entrepreneurial project was the creation of a nature nursery on the farm, the second was the establishment of Iceland Riverjet on Iceland. 20 years’ experience in sales and tourism, with a glowing interest for interior and design, product development and storytelling.

Geir grew up in the tourist destination Høvringen in Rondane. Major in the Armed Forces’ engineering troop, and the architect and builder behind Eagle Nest Eco Lodge – at the sharp end of a skilled team of professionals, which Gudbrandsdalen is so full of.