Adventures inland, in water and in the air! Eagle Nest Eco Lodge is located in the heart of Gudbrandsdalen surrounded by mountaintops full of treasures and experiences.



Many visitors never leave the terrace at Eagle Nest Eco Lodge. Here you will find group-seating, an outdoor log burner and a warm hot tub with a spectacular view of the sunset in the west high above everyday life.

The love trail takes you from the lodge through magical pine forest and a romantic mountain pasture – a perfect travel destination for both proposers and outdoor enthusiasts. 

A couple of kilometres stroll through beautiful mountain pine forest takes you to Thokampen with the Sameti cabin on the top – erected by the clairvoyant wiseman and philosopher Marcello Haugen. 

If you wish to extend the trip further up, Pillarguritoppen is worth every meter. The top is Otta’s «city mountain» with a fantastic view towards Rondane in the horizon and beautiful Gudbrandsdalen deep below you.

The local area around Eagle Nest Eco Lodge offers fantastic sledding opportunities in winter and mountain biking during the summer season.





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